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Every month we pick a random registered user who re-visited the site in the previous month and give them a $100 gift card. That's right, just by visiting us, and logging in, you too are eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

Justin Forster is our winner for the month of May. Chosen at random for logging into his LCEEQ.ca account, he will receive a one hundred dollar gift certificate from Chapters.  He teaches Secondary III and IV History, as well as Secondary V Contemporary World at Massey-Vanier High School in Cowansville.  He is in his eleventh year of teaching after having graduated from the same school in 1999 and then completing his university studies at Bishop's.  At the high school, he organizes the annual Secondary  IV trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls, he  loves to volunteer his time at August orientation,  at the spring dance show, to help organize graduation, and of course to offer tutoring. Outside of school, he has been a basketball referee for 17 years. It is his second passion.  Follow Justin’s example by logging into your LCEEQ account and you could be the next winner.