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There are numerous signs that mark the arrival of Spring. For the last several years the annual Leadership for School Improvement Workshop has proven to be one of these in the realm of professional development. A new group of administrators, and those aspiring to the position, started the process in April and will complete the six-day package in August.

Join In Our 10th Anniversary Celebration: “Well Being – Being Well” Our focus on both physical and mental health is a timely one as there are ever-increasing pressures on educators and students at all levels in our fast-paced society. 


Every month we pick a random registered user who re-visited the site in the previous month and give them a $100 gift card. That's right, just by visiting us, and logging in, you too are eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

Joanne Malowany is the Principal at St. Edmund School for the Lester B. Pearson School Board. She enthusiastically reports that , “ I love my job and the variety of each day! During my spare time, I try to keep myself busy by following an active lifestyle. I enjoy running, and spending time outdoors. Nothing makes me happier than being in the sun. I also like to sneak away to different countries, when I have the chance, and explore what they have to share. The world is such an interesting place”.

As the LCEEQ prize winner for the month of May, she received a one-hundred-dollar gift certificate from Indigo/Chapters. This will help with some summer reading in the sun! You, too, can win by simply logging into your LCEEQ account on a regular basis. Winners are chosen at random so log in each month the better your chances.