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Every month we pick a random registered user who re-visited the site in the previous month and give them a $100 gift card. That's right, just by visiting us, and logging in, you too are eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

Vicki  Krawczyk is a Secondary 3-5 Mathematics teacher at Laval Senior Academy for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board.  She has been teaching senior Math since 2003 and proudly states, “I am very involved in the school.  I am passionate about teaching Math.  I am subject animator for the Math Department. I am Teacher Council Chair. I have dreams of fixing whatever is still broken in our educational system.  Being a teacher has never felt like a job but rather a part of who I am.  I love helping to motivate and allow students to enjoy and appreciate Math, just as I do.  It is not about formulas but rather about understanding." Outside of school she is kept busy by her two children, aged 11 and 14, who make her very proud to be their mother.  She  enjoys weekends when she can unwind, have a glass of wine, and enjoy time with friends and family.  “ I love karaoke though I am REALLY not a singer, I have no shame, I will do it anytime and any place! Lol”.

Vicki received a one-hundred-dollar gift certificate from Chapters to add to her summer reading pleasure.  You, too, can win by simply logging into your LCEEQ account on a regular basis. Winners are chosen at random so the more frequently you log in each month the better your chances.