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Niru Bhola teaches Grade Two at St. Patrick Elementary School in Pincourt for the Lester B. Pearson School Board. She believes that “No matter how teaching has evolved from when she first started twenty-four years ago, what has always remained pivotal is the impact of the teacher/student connection. Building that connection allows for a safe learning environment, both academically and socially/emotionally. I believe every student wants someone in their corner rooting for their success, and in the classroom that's the teacher. Even after my students have moved on, I still look forward to passing them in the halls and knowing how they are doing - in and out of the classroom.”
Niru states, “I am a mom to two curious children, aged 11 and 9! Their learning can get messy at home as one loves to cook and the other enjoys science experiments! In my free time I enjoy reading! I love going to bookstores on the weekend, having a coffee, and exploring picture books. Many spontaneous and valuable teaching moments occur while reading these books. It amazes me to hear the perspectives of such young students when they are given the opportunity to share. I often learn from them during these precious moments.”

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