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Registration is now open for the 2019 LCEEQ Annual Conference, Well-Being - Being Well.  Each Board and Association represented at the LCEEQ table has a designated number of places at the Conference, so if you are interested in attending you must contact your Board/Association for authorization.  Generally, it is the Pedagogical/Educational Services Department that can provide you access. Do not delay as the spaces will fill up very quickly.

There are numerous signs that mark the arrival of Spring. For the last several years the annual Leadership for School Improvement Workshop has proven to be one of these in the realm of professional development. A new group of administrators, and those aspiring to the position, started the process in April and will complete the six-day package in August.


Every month we pick a random registered user who re-visited the site in the previous month and give them a $100 gift card. That's right, just by visiting us, and logging in, you too are eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

Steve Greig, a Special Education Consultant for the Western Quebec School Board, is the LCEEQ prize winner for September.   Part of his responsibility includes providing support for the Work-Oriented Training Path (WOTP) at the Secondary level  and the Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC) in both Elementary and Secondary.
What does Steve do when not at work?  He responds, “I spend most of my time shuttling my son and daughter to sports and other events, but I am a woodworker and if I had free time, I would spend it working with wood (furniture, etc.).  I have spent a fair amount of time personalizing my house with renovations over the years (a never-ending job). I enjoy the outdoors and I still get an opportunity to work with high school students in a few Outdoor Education settings”.

Steve  received a one-hundred-dollar gift certificate from Bureau en Gros.   What did he do to win this prize, you ask?  He simply logged into his LCEEQ account to get the latest information.  You could be a winner by doing the same!  You don’t have an account, you say. Then visit LCEEQ.ca and sign up today.