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We've made a quick video to help with journaling for PDIG recipients.

Don't forget, PDIG 2017-2018 Funding Applications, Round 2, closes September 15th, 2017. 


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Steve Weary is in his fifth year as Principal at Sunnyside Elementary School in Stanstead, where this year part of his job includes being a resource teacher.  He is interested in opportunities for professional development, especially for Math and literacy teaching.  He is an active member of AAESQ, one of the LCEEQ affiliates, including participation on the Educational Leadership Committee.  On weekends and holidays, he loves to get outside for a bike ride, hike or ski in the beautiful Eastern Townships.  

Steve received a one-hundred-dollar gift certificate from Bureau en Gros.   What did he do to win this prize?  He simply logged into his LCEEQ account to get the latest information.  You could be a winner by doing the same!  If you don’t have an account yet then visit LCEEQ.ca and sign up today.