2017 LCEEQ Annual Conference Workshop Proposal

The theme of the 2018 LCEEQ Annual Conference is:

The Thinking Classroom


The initial response to the theme, The Thinking Classroom, is frequently…..”but aren’t all classrooms such?”. Regardless of age, students learn to think in thoughtful classrooms rich in opportunities to experience pertinent and meaningful issues, and to be able to examine relevant topics from different perspectives. Effective classrooms support students in acquiring and refining skills, developing informed opinions and being able to communicate new learning to others.  

Effective thinking skills need to be taught. Creating safe learning environments which promote enquiry, risk taking and learning from occasional failure are challenges for every teacher. A critical skill for both teacher and learner is being able to ask questions that promote deeper thinking. But good questions themselves are not enough as these must be accompanied by effective feedback, ongoing assessment, and timely instruction.

Take a few moments to listen to what some of our featured speakers have to say on this important topic and gain a better understanding of our conference theme.


1. Workshop Presenter
Note: Where a proposal includes co-presenters, we will assume that the individual who submits the form is our primary contact.
2. Proposal
Note: Workshops are two hours in duration. Participants in previous workshops have been very clear in expressing a preference for interactive sessions as opposed to a lecture style. Please take it into considerations when designing your proposal.