2020 LCEEQ Annual Conference Workshop Proposal

In February 2019 we developed the theme   “Well Being – Being Well” which proved to be both timely and very well received by the English-speaking Educational Community, so much so that LCEEQ decided to expand the theme in February 2020.

The focus continues on both physical and mental health which addresses the ever-increasing pressures on educators and students at all levels in our fast-paced society.  The range of potential topics is broad, inviting presentations in so many areas:

  • Taking mental health to school
  • Teacher wellness
  • Students with exceptionalities
  • Making healthy choices in our daily lives
  • Promoting play, relaxation, personal time
  • Cultivating well-being in the classroom
  • Prioritizing your well-being
  • The importance of movement
  • Social wellness
  • Building resilient students
  • Social and emotional learning and well-being
  • The need for physical activity
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Fostering a work/life balance
  • Identifying warning signs of issues in students and colleagues
  • Self-regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • The influence of nutrition and exercise
  • Impact of bullying
  • Influences of social media

These are but a few suggestions of the many possibilities that the Selection Committee will consider.

LCEEQ invites you to submit a ninety-minute proposal by providing the information requested below.   Please note that if your proposal is selected, your description will be used as presented in the programme documentation.

Please note that commercial applications will not be entertained.  If you are part of a School Board/Association, it is important that ensure that you have support for release time and any expenses related to your participation if your submission is selected.

Deadline for submissions: September 30,2019

1. Workshop Presenter
Note: Where a proposal includes co-presenters, we will assume that the individual who submits the form is our primary contact.
2. Proposal
Note: Workshops are ninety minutes in duration. Participants in previous workshops have been very clear in expressing a preference for interactive sessions as opposed to a lecture style. Please take it into considerations when designing your proposal.