Archived: 2022 LCEEQ Annual Conference Workshop Proposals

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Our 13th Annual LCEEQ Conference

The Reflective Practitioner

February 7-8, 2022


The last twelve plus months have seen a number of dramatic changes in how education is offered to students at all levels.   No one could have predicted how the world was forced to adjust to a pandemic.  We have learned many things as a result of the disruptions.  Do we go back to what we know, or do we seize the opportunity to have a hard look at lessons learned during these unprecedented times?

Someone recently compared our current situation to relocating one’s residence.  What do we ensure is on the moving van, what do we leave behind, and what do we purchase for our new home?  Similar questions can be asked about our education practices.

Laura McBain of Stanford D School, a place where people use design to develop their own creative potential, states, “In the context of education, educators who take a futurist’s mindset are looking to cultivate young people as lifelong, adaptive learners, rather than being concerned with teaching what’s immediately measured on a test.  From the perspective of an administrator or district leader, it’s about getting comfortable asking bigger questions, such as ‘What is the role of schools?’ and “How might teachers foster and model agency, flexibility, and resiliency?"

LCEEQ Conference 2022, "The Reflective Practioner" will provide the opportunity for reflection and collegial exchange on a number of issues including: a deeper understanding of learning, how the curriculum should enhance such, the role of assessment, equity, and diversity, optimizing technology, and the importance of health and well-being for all. Are you ready to engage in some reflection on your practice?

You have a great deal to offer educators across the province – this is the time for action. You are strongly encouraged to submit a presentation proposal. Join an exciting team of invited speakers including:

  • Andrew Campbell (DR.ABC), Alfie Kohn, Michael Kuczala, Rachel Mann, Laura McBain, Joanne McEachen, Will Richardson, Gabriel Rshaid, Shane Safir, Homa Tavangar, and Jennifer Williams

Consideration will be given to individual and small groups of presenters. Please note that submissions deemed commercial will not be retained. If you are a member of a School Board/Association affiliated with LCEEQ it is important that you inform your organization of your interest to submit a proposal to participate as the Board/Association will be responsible for any financial support (e.g. release time…).

You have a great deal to offer other educators across the province – this is the time for action.

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