2024 LCEEQ Annual Conference Workshop Proposal

Our 15th Conference has adapted the theme, Embracing the Culture of Belonging.  

We need educational institutions where people belong. Our ability to provide such will lead to both student success and improved wellbeing for all.

LCEEQ invites you to submit a proposal for a sixty or seventy-five minute presentation.

Please complete the application form so that your proposal can be reviewed by the Selection Committee. Note that if your presentation is included on the programme, the conference is in person this year.

When describing your presentation please provide sufficient detail and remember that your session description will be used as you word it in the programme documentation provided to participants. Clarity is important.

Please note that commercial applications will not be entertained. If you are part of a School Board/Association, it is important that you ensure that you have support for release time and any expenses related to your participation if your submission is selected.

Deadline for submissions: October 6, 2023


1. Workshop Presenter
Note: Where a proposal includes co-presenters, we will assume that the individual who submits the form is our primary contact.
2. Proposal
Note: Workshops are sixty - seventy-five minutes in duration. Participants in previous workshops have been very clear in expressing a preference for interactive sessions as opposed to a lecture style. Please take it into considerations when designing your proposal.
3. Presentation Format