LCEEQ Membership List

The membership of the LCEEQ is outlined in Section 2 of the Bylaw:

Subject to the articles, there shall be one class of members in the Corporation. Membership in the Corporation shall be available only to individuals interested in furthering the Corporation's purposes and who have been appointed by the designated School Board/Association and have been accepted into membership in the Corporation by resolution of the board or in such other manner as may be determined by the board. 

LCEEQ Membership for 2017 - 2019  

as of November 17, 2018


  Sam Bruzzese

  Ralph Mason


 Gina Farnell

 Cindy Finn


  John McMahon (Vanier College)


  Sylvain Racette (RSB)

  School Board 

  Educational Services 


  Stewart Aitken - WQSB

  Sandra Furfaro  - EMSB

  Geoff Hipps - SWLSB

  Kandy Mackey - ETSB

  Lisa Mosher – ESSB

  Brenda Smylie - NFSB

  Mark Sutherland – CQSB

  Marie Wahba – LBPSB 

  Mary Williams - RSB


  Holly Hampson (QAIS)

  Sidney Benudiz (AJDS)


  Richard Jalbert

  Paula Pedroso

  Professionals’ Associations

  Tino Bordonaro - SPPMEM

  Arlene Scott  - FPPE


  Andrew Adams

  J.P. Fossey

  Pasquale Machado

  Anne-Marie Rheubottom

  Special-status Board 

  Educational Services 


  Cree –   tba

  Kativik - Erik Olsthoorn

  Littoral – Deb Foltin




  Dr. Dawn Wiseman (Bishop’s)

  Roma Medwid (Concordia

  Dr. Lisa Starr (McGill)

  Assistant Deputy Minister 

  Steven Colpitts

 Representatives of the
 Ministry of Education Direction des Services
 à la communauté Anglophone (DSCA)

  Terry Lin

  Lise Langlois


  Christine Truesdale


  John Ryan

  Recording Secretary

  Angela Rosa

    Represents non-voting

The LCEEQ Structure also includes a Steering Committee, a standing committee whose members are nominated by and from the membership of the LCEEQ.  The voting members are also the official members of the LCEEQ Corporation.

Members of the Steering Committee for 2017-2019:

President Geoffrey Hipps
Vice-President Mark Sutherland
Members at large Tino Bordonaro
Cindy Finn
Sandra Furfaro
Marie Wahba
Non-voting members Terry Lin
Lise Langlois
John Ryan