Leadership for School Improvement Workshop

Leadership Residential Series 2022-2023

Have you attended the Leadership Workshops in the past? We are finally back! Bring along a colleague that you feel would benefit from this Two-Part Residential Session at Auberge des Gallant.

Take a look at the important dates, speakers and sessions offerings. Read more about the speakers here, scroll to the bottom to learn more about registration & get yourself and your colleague registered.

April 19, 20, & 21, 2023

April 19 with Ainsley Rose
Leadership Starts from Within: They Set Clear Goals and Direction

Before we can hope to lead others, we must be clear about our own mission, vision and values that drive our beliefs about teaching, learning, students, and teachers who form the basis of the school culture. We will explore our “Why”, build our “I” Believe statement and continue to clarify our vision of school leadership. In the first of six sessions, time will be taken to build our learning community, establish our norms and further clarify our “WHY” as leaders.

April 20 with Caroline Picard
Compassionate Systems Leadership: How to Do Hard Things in a Human Way and Cultivate Well-Being

Compassionate Systems Leadership is an integrated framework to build personal wellness, strengthen relationships, and apply systems thinking tools to our work as educational leaders. It focuses on the well-being of students, adults, schools and district teams, and the education system. This experiential workshop will introduce participants to Compassionate Systems Leadership’s three main competencies: intrapersonal development (building personal mastery for compassion and well-being), interpersonal skills (engaging in reflective and generative conversations), and systems thinking (using tools to solve authentic school and district challenges). Participants will leave with tools and practices that bring a compassionate systems lens to the near end of their school year.

April 21 with Peter Gamwell
Thinker, Learner, Dreamer, Doer: Sparking Joy, Belonging & Innovation in Your Learning Community

Is it time to immerse your leadership team in creativity, innovation and passion for learning? To create a working environment that cultivates the seeds of brilliance in every person in your learning community.
Refuel, refresh and reignite your leadership team in this full-day session with Canadian educational thought-leader, Peter Gamwell. This deep learning experience is more than just a workshop – it’s an opportunity to reimagine your learning culture to center on curiosity, joy and belonging. Peter will show you how to create a forward-thinking blueprint for your school community, one that will cultivate passions, talents and innovations into the future, across your community and beyond.

Bio brief - Ainsley Rose


Ainsley Rose retired after 35 years in education. As the former Director of Education and Curriculum for the WQSB, he has presented to small and large audiences across Canada & around the world. Ainsley is a contributing author for several recent publications; The Teacher as Assessment Leader, The Principal as Assessment Leader, The Collaborative Teacher, all with Solution Tree publishing.

Bio brief - Caroline Picard


Caroline is an education consultant, a certified master practitioner in compassionate systems, a leadership coach, and a former assistant superintendent with over 35 years of experience in K-12 education. Her work focuses on building capacity within the organisation to drive lasting and systemic change.

Bio brief - Peter Gamwell


Born in Liverpool, England, Peter is the co-author of The Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity and Thinker, Learner, Dreamer, Doer: Innovative Pedagogies for Cultivating Every Student’s Potential As an author, presenter and consultant, he explores learning, leadership, and innovation, and their impacts on individual and organizational health and culture.

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August 7, 8, & 9, 2023

August 7 with Pam Rannelli & Dianne McConnell
Leading for Inclusion

Classrooms are dynamic and continue to reflect the changes and shifts in demographics in our schools . Diversity is expected and valued. In public education, we have a greater understanding how ensuring quality instruction, appropriate supports and services as well as setting high expectations for all students results in improved student outcomes and more students achieving high school graduation. This shift in thinking and practice has moved all learning environments to be more inclusive that enables all learners to achieve success.
“Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal acceptance and promotes a sense of belonging for all students.”
Schools work hand in hand with all education stakeholders to achieve a more inclusive public education system that demonstrates universal acceptance for all, one that values choice and provides equity of educational opportunities.  This session will draw on research and school-based examples to support our learning. Together we will critically examine our current practices and beliefs. Through learning together, we will examine Inclusion through the lens of “Being, Doing and Knowing” which moves inclusive values and beliefs into action. With your colleagues you will co- construct strategies for leading inclusive schools that support high quality leadership and teaching for all students. 

August 8 with Kara Vandas
Personal Influence: The Spark that Ignites Inspiration

Evidence suggests that one of our basic human desires is to be a person of influence. This session will explore the role we can play in transforming everyday conversations to spark inspiration in others. We will engage in specific strategies that relate to both inward and outward focal points to elevate our interactions and to foster growth in others, increasing our influence and impact. Building upon previous presentations, this session will provide new learning that will deepen our thinking and doing about leadership influence.

August 9 with Ainsley Rose
Landing your Plane

Every day, across the world, planes soar high above the cloud deck criss-crossing the skies leaving trails of vapor in their wake. Do you ever wonder what it takes to plan, schedule, monitor, fly and safely and successfully land those planes at the right time in the right place? Well, schools present similar challenges, particularly for the people who, like pilots with their crew, transport passengers safely to their learning destination. After five sessions dealing with leadership, we need to be able to triangulate the location of our successful landings while delivering high levels of learning to all our students as well as develop the skills of the professional staff who interact daily with the students. This closing session will connect some of the dots (big ideas) of the learning from the previous five sessions in order for the participants to build a flight path (plan) that will take their passengers (students and teachers) safely and successfully from take-off to landing.

Bio brief - Pam Rannelli


Pam has been involved in K-12 education for over 40 years. She has been a classroom teacher, itinerant teacher for children who are blind or visually impaired, a principal, Director of Inclusive Learning, Assistant Superintendent of Learning and a Senior Manager with Alberta Education. She retired as Superintendent of Foothills School Division in Alberta in 2019.

Bio brief - Dianne McConnell


Dianne has worked as a registered psychologist and educator for over 35 years. She has a Ph.D in educational psychology and has a broad experience and multi-dimensional aspects of serving children, students and their families from a variety of perspectives, that include: parent, classroom teacher, consultant, central office administrator, senior leader within government and board member within a national service organization.

Bio brief - Kara Vandas


As a consultant, Kara Vandas works with districts and schools to implement processes and practices that best support student learning. Her areas of focus include Visible Learning Plus, Clarity for Learning, Co-constructing Success Criteria, and Partnering with Students: Building Ownership of Learning.

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This six-day package is sponsored by The Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec (LCEEQ). There is no registration fee.
Costs for travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the School Board or the school.
There are substantial subsidies available for Boards/Associations. For details on how it applies to residential projects, please see the LCEEQ Cost Sharing Policy

Please Note: This Workshop consists of two parts; registered participants are required to attend in April 2023 and in August 2023. Registration for one part of the Workshop is not an option.

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Cost at Auberge des Gallant:

$212 +tax per person, per night double occupancy
$294 +tax per person, per night single occupancy
These prices include 3 meals a day, gratuities and access to all hotel facilities.

Participants are encouraged to opt for double occupancy in order to provide additional bedroom space permitting more participants. LCEEQ will assist you in finding a roommate, if requested.

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