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LCEEQ is presenting a new pilot model for this year. There will be both a residential component – to facilitate community building – and a virtual one to continue the momentum and learning during the school year.

The first session will be a three-day residential package held at the Auberge des Gallant with arrival on November 26 and departure on the 29th followed by four two-hour webinars (two in March 2024 and two in May 2024). The second residential session will be held in November 2024. Interested candidates are expected to commit to all of the components and on completion will join the Graduate Group. These sessions are intended for school leaders who have not attended in the past.

Registration details below.

Part 1 - November 27, 28, & 29, 2023 at Auberge des Gallants

November 27 with Ainsley Rose - Discovering Your Why: A Journey to Effective School Leadership


In this introductory session, we will explore the fundamental principles of effective school leadership. We will begin by clarifying our own mission, vision, and values that drive our beliefs about teaching, learning, students, and teachers who form the basis of the school culture. We will then create an “I Believe” statement and begin to clarify our vision of school leadership. Time will be taken to build our learning community, establish our norms, and clarify our “WHY.” Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking session that will help you become a more effective school leader.

November 28 with Ryan Sikkes - Framing your Leadership


Defining and examining one’s own leadership style and skills can sometimes feel like trying to nail Jello to a wall: It’s tough to do and even harder to sustain!  Ryan will facilitate a self-assessment of leadership skills using mental models of educational and general leadership that help reduce the complexity to be simpler and action-oriented.  Whether you are an aspiring, new, or seasoned leader, these models will help you take stock of your transformational leadership skills, celebrate your strengths, and define specific areas where you may seek to grow and develop in your leadership journey.

November 29 with Bevan Daverne - Nurturing a Culture for Powerful Learning and Student Success with Bevan


Improving student success through the development of collaborative environments, professional trust, relentless support and consistent messaging.  Bevan will lead delegates through an interactive day to explore student focused leadership that leverages the power of professional staff and collaboration.

Bio - Ainsley Rose

Ainsley Rose retired after 35 years in education. As the former Director of Education and Curriculum for the WQSB, he has presented to small and large audiences across Canada & around the world. Ainsley is a contributing author for several recent publications; The Teacher as Assessment Leader, The Principal as Assessment Leader, The Collaborative Teacher, all with Solution Tree publishing. Ainsley works as a senior professional development associate for the Leadership and Learning Centre, the Marzano Research Laboratory, Solution Tree, and the Wayne Hulley School Improvement Model. He is also the lead trainer for Visible Learning, the work of Dr. John Hattie, from Auckland, New Zealand.

Bio - Ryan Sikkes

Ryan Sikkes has over 20 years’ experience in teaching and administration in Canada’s Yukon territory.   He recently finished his tenure with Yukon Government as the Assistant Deputy Minister of Schools and Student Services responsible for operating 30 public schools and educational programs for over 6000 students throughout Yukon. He holds a Bachelor of Education (secondary) degree in instrumental music and chemistry, a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on math and science education, both from the University of Victoria.  He also wrote a really boring dissertation on the history of educational governance in Yukon [seriously, it should come with a warning to not operate heavy machinery after reading it. Zzzzzz.] to obtain a Doctor of Education degree in educational leadership and policy from the University of British Columbia.  He takes his vocation as an educator very seriously.  Himself…not so much.

Bio - Bevan Daverne

Bevan Daverne is a strong educational leader, presenter and was recognized as the 2022 Canadian Superintendent of the year. In addition to his past role as CEO/Superintendent for the Golden Hills School Division, he has also served as the President for the College of Alberta School Superintendents. He has a strong background in school and system leadership, technology and international education. Bevan has led work through a number of change processes in the adoption and implementation of new approaches to professional development, collaboration, technology as well as the transformation of teaching and learning in the classroom, in schools and the school district. He is passionate about developing and supporting an organizational culture that embraces learning and is open to systemic, school and classroom change that brings a positive benefit for students. Bevan is married with two grown daughters and two grandchildren. He enjoys many active pursuits in his spare time.

Part 2 - Keep up with Learning & Leading Webinars - 2024

Tuesday March 19 & Wednesday May 1
with Ryan Sikkes (10:00AM - 12:00PM)

Tuesday March 26 & Wednesday May 8
with Bevan Daverne (10:00AM - 12:00PM)

Part 3 - November 27, 28, 29, 2024 at Auberge des Gallants

Save the same dates in 2024!

Logistical Details

Registration Details

This multi-part workshop is sponsored by The Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec (LCEEQ). There is no registration fee.
Costs for travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the School Board or the school.
There are substantial subsidies available for Boards/Associations. For details on how it applies to residential projects, please see the LCEEQ Cost Sharing Policy

Please Note: This Workshop consists of three parts; registered participants are required to attend in-person November 2023, online March & May 2024 and in-person November 2024. Registration for one part of the Workshop is not an option.

Register HERE
Deadline for registration is November 17, 2023 or when available spaces are filled.

Accommodation Details

Cost at Auberge des Gallant:
$212 + tax per person, per night double occupancy $294 + tax per person, per night single occupancy
These prices include 3 meals a day and access to all hotel facilities.
Participants are encouraged to opt for double occupancy in order to provide additional bedroom space permitting more participants. LCEEQ will assist you in finding a roommate, if requested.

Participants will be booking their hotel reservations; additional information will be provided following your registration.