The Math Focus Project

The Math Focus Project to support Elementary Math teachers originated with the Summer Institute in 2015. Since that time several hundred teachers have successfully  completed the three-year training and have received ongoing support from their local Consultants in a variety of ways.  A dedicated Secondary group (8-9) was added in 2017.  In the August 2019 three Cohorts (Cohort 3, Cohort 4, and Cohort 5) totaling more than three hundred teachers and administrators attended the sessions at Manoir St Sauveur.   

Although the in-person Math Institute did not happen in Summer 2020 and 2021, LCEEQ along with the DNA Math Team were able to offer many Webinars throughout the year and during the summer.

The current plan is to offer an in-person Summer Institue in August 2022.   Many teachers in Cohort 4 who would have graduated in 2020 are excited to complete their three-year cycle in August.  There were a few spots available so we offered these to Graduates of previous Summer Institutes who would like to do a refresher.  The response to the invitation has been very positive.

The Cohort 5 group - about to gegin their second year -  were also pleased to return to the Manoir St Sauveur in August 2022.  Once again there were a few places available which we offered to teachers who have done webinars during the last two years and so have been introdcuted to the TQE Process.  These individuals will join Cohort 4 to finish the last two summers.

A new group, Cohort 6, was to start the three-year cycle in August 2020, but as you are all well aware, this was not possible.  Those nominated at that time along with additional recruits will begin in August 2022.   Cohort 6 will include a Grade10-11 Instructional Group meaning that the training now has extended through all grade levels.  Consultants are recruiting participants so let them know if you are interested.

Following all sessions, participants are invited to complete an online evaluation questionnaire. Take a look at the Reports and Summaries over the years.

It is important to consider what impact this ongoing project is having in our schools.  During 2018-2019 an Impact Study was conducted using data from across the province,  A Report was submitted to the Ministry of Education in September.  The study revealed some very interesting information about the project over the first several years.  Take a few moments to read about the effectiveness of the Math Focus Project.  Measuring the Impact of the Math Focus Project 2015-2019.