Information Session introducing the High School approach of DNA math

The Math Focus Project continues to build positive momentum.  Over the last four summers hundreds of teachers, several administrators, and Math Consultants  have participated in Math Summer Institutes which focus on conceptual skills and strategies to develop these in the classroom.   The feedback from participants has been most encouraging, as has been the response from the milieu, and so the decision was taken to introduce a new Cohort in Summer 2019.  The original design had three Cohorts, but the success of the project has seen this number increase to five.

To date most participants have been Elementary teachers as the initial design was for the Elementary level. Last summer saw a successful pilot project which included a dedicated group of Grade 8-9 Math teachers.  This summer the intention is to invite more secondary teachers to enhance the transition across the levels.

On January 29, 2019 there will be a ninety-minute online information session presented  by Dr. George Roy, the animator who worked with the Secondary teachers last August.  He will present a brief overview of the underpinnings of the project , as well as,  an idea of the types of activities that participants can expect to experience during the daily workshop sessions.

This information session is particularly aimed at Secondary Principals and teachers as part of the process of recruiting participants for Cohort 5

If you are interested in attending the information session on January 29 and/or participating in the Summer Institute 2019 you are encouraged to let your Math Consultant know without delay as there is a limited number of places available in Cohort 5 so School Boards/Associations will be given quotas.   If you have any questions your Math Consultant is ready to help you.