LCEEQ Responds to Provincial Consultation on Educational Success

The Ministry of Education is currently conducting a public consultation in which it states, “Major consultations have been launched in order to lay the foundations for the first policy on educational success, which will support students, schools and school boards in three broad areas of intervention: 

  • All students achieving their full potential

  • A favourable context for student learning, personal development and success

  • Mobilization of partners and stakeholders in support of educational success

This topic will be a focal point of discussion at the upcoming LCEEQ meeting scheduled for October 20, 2016. Members will have an opportunity to discuss the issues and to provide feedback with the intention of LCEEQ preparing a written brief, and possibly a presentation at the public hearings being scheduled. 

Since this is a public consultation you may choose to forward your comments directly or send them for consideration in the LCEEQ brief.

Read more and participate in the consultation: (English) (Français)