Getting Math Teachers Back Together

Math Summer Institute Participants Reunited

After a two-year hiatus imposed by Covid, we were able convene a face-to-face Math Summer Institute at Manoir St Sauveur during the first week of August.  Initiated in the Summer of 2015 to provide professional development to elementary Math teachers, this project sees teachers commit to three summers, each made up of three days of hands-on workshops.  The first two days are presented by the DNA Math Team led by Dr. Juli Dixon and the third day includes workshops animated by our local Math Consultants. 

Originally conceived to serve three Cohorts of teachers, each having about one hundred twenty participants, the model has proven to be very successful as we introduced Cohort 6  in August 2022.  Of particular interest is that the project now includes all levels from Kindergarten through Secondary 5.. 

When LCEEQ announced last winter that we would hold an in-person session there was a very positive response from teachers.  Of course, there were some concerns about Covid, especially putting more than two hundred fifty people together, but the planning took into consideration all recommendations of health officials.  All-in-all the session was very successful as reflected in some of the responses participants included when evaluating their experience: 

  • I am appreciative of the opportunity to meet with other professionals in the field.
  • Excellent professional development. I wish we could continue offering this opportunity in future years.
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful and engaging opportunity. Being a part of this dynamic group of math teachers is a wonderful collaborative experience. It is always a pleasure to attend and extend my learning and professional development.
  • The summer math institute is very well organized and is very meaningful to help me improve my math teaching. Do not change anything.
  • Wow. Simply wow, as usual.
  • Enjoyed these workshops so much. They motivated me to keep up with the latest trends in teaching mathematics. It has made me a better a teacher. Cannot imagine going back to teaching in the traditional way. We need these workshops regularly.
  • Wonderful experience. By far the best PD I've ever received.
  • I really love learning how to use the manipulatives differently.
  • I found the DNA facilitators wonderfully accessible and open to talk with -- even facilitators outside our own grade band. And the ped consultants in our room were great assets as well.
  • Thank-you so much for the incredible PD experience! Can't wait for next year!
  • The Math Summer Institute was educational and really helped me better understand how I teach math, and exposed areas that I need to improve. Equally, I appreciated all the tips and recommendations that I can incorporate in class to help engage student learning. After the math workshops I realize that I need more instruction to help break down mindsets to the way I teach math.

The Organizing Committee is presently compiling the results of the online feedback surveys that were submitted by participants in all three cohorts.  A Final Report will be posted on the LCEEQ website once complete. You may also wish to view Thomasenia Adams' full intro video.