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The membership of the LCEEQ is outlined in Section 2 of the Bylaw:

Subject to the articles, there shall be one class of members in the Corporation. Membership in the Corporation shall be available only to individuals interested in furthering the Corporation's purposes and who have been appointed by the designated School Board/Association and have been accepted into membership in the Corporation by resolution of the board or in such other manner as may be determined by the board. 

LCEEQ Membership for 2023-2025 

as of September 1 2023

  School Board 


  Stewart Aitken - WQSB

  Mat Canavan - LBPSB 

  Lynda da Silveira - SWLSB

  Stéphane Lagacé – CQSB 

  Eva Lettner - ETSB 

  Deborah  Foltin – ESSB

  Colleen Lauzier . - RSB

  Anna Sanalitro - EMSB

  James Walker - NFSB 

  Complimentary Services

  Marylène Perron

  Lisa Falasconi

  Adult Education &
  Vocational Training

  Mario Argiropoulos - EMSB

  Angela Spagnolo - EMSB

  ADGESBQ - D.G.’s 

  Cindy Finn 


  Terry Kharyati (DG Heritage College)


  Christie Brown

  Anna Villalta


  Antonia Zannis

  Sidney Benudiz

  Professionals (FPPE)

  Caroline Erdos - SWLSB

  Paul Kettner - EMSB


  Andrew Adams

  Mike Di Raddo   

  Jennifer Baltuonis

  Brian Benoit

  Special-status Board 

  Educational Services 


  Cree –   Edith Sam

  Kativik - Warren Thomson

  Littoral – Marie Hamel



  Avril Aitken (Bishop’s)

  Nathalie Rothschild (Concordia)

  Hannah Chestnutt (McGill)


  Cheryl Cantin. 



  Assistant Deputy Ministers

  Marie-Josée Blais


  Christine Truesdale


  John Ryan

    Represents non-voting


The LCEEQ Structure also includes a Steering Committee, a standing committee whose members are nominated by and from the membership of the LCEEQ.  The voting members are also the official members of the LCEEQ Corporation.

Put a face to a name and learn a little more about each member here.

Members of the Steering Committee for 2023-25:

   President    Cindy Finn
   Vice-President    tba
   Members at large

   Deb Foltin
   Christie Brown
   James Walker
   Mat Canavan 
   Avril Aitken

   Non-voting members

   John Ryan