PDIG Final Reports

All individuals and school teams who receive grants or scholarships provided by the LCEEQ are required to submit a record of their experience or accomplishment. These project reports and summaries not only document what has been achieved in each of the programs sponsored by the LCEEQ but also provide an opportunity for sharing knowledge and resources within the English educational community.

Clicking on the title of the projects listed below will call up a report which features a brief description of the project and provides contact information should you wish to inquire further.

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Project Title (Click to view Final Report) Project Contact Year
dingmanm@edu.etsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Weaving Reconciliation Recommendations into Social Sciences Teaching
lkuhn@emsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Grade 7 Passion Project
mclogg02@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Integrating and differentiating for International Students
daniel.martin@rsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Creating a Framework for Collaboration among Social Integration Services Teachers
smorley@rsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Nutrition – Healthy Choices, Healthy Habits
nsaunders@wqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Walking on Both Sides of the River
kryan@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Developing, diffusing and translating pedagogical tools using GAFE in the Deep Learning pedagogy (Part 2)
amaither@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Increasing imaginative play through the use of loose parts in an outdoor setting.
menderle@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Enseigner avec la littérature jeunesse
cantaven@edu.etsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Student-Centered Curriculum Development
vrayner@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Elementary Math Focus Project: A PLC to Support Teacher's Learning from Teaching
vrayner@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Chemistry Inquiry Activities
jpolifroni@emsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
The Master Plan
kfahey@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Producing spoken, written and media texts in the SELA classroom
cmoriello@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
L'enseignement explicite de l'écriture
sdumouchel@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Students as Authors Phase 2
dorothy.taker@essb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Creating a Culture of Innovation through Mentor-Led Workshops
candersen@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Sexuality Eucation - Sexual Assault Project
edalbec@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020
Preschool Physical Routines to Promote School Readiness
grenond@etsb.qc.ca PDIG 2019-2020