PDIG Final Reports

All individuals and school teams who receive grants or scholarships provided by the LCEEQ are required to submit a record of their experience or accomplishment. These project reports and summaries not only document what has been achieved in each of the programs sponsored by the LCEEQ but also provide an opportunity for sharing knowledge and resources within the English educational community.

Clicking on the title of the projects listed below will call up a report which features a brief description of the project and provides contact information should you wish to inquire further.

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Project Title (Click to view Final Report) Project Contact Year
Long Range Pedagogical Plans in Science
mlevesque@wqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Centennial's Media Hub
jennifer.goodall@rsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Universal Design for Learning - developing common perspectives
ngruenefeld@rsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Learning Over Distance with Technology (MOSD and WQSB)
agage@wqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Literacy development through book bags
menderle@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
C'est en écrivant qu'on apprend à écrire!
mviau02@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Cycle 3 HGC & Science
lkearns@wqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Integrating Computational Thinking into Science & Technology
kdavey@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Tracking Success
mdesjardins@wqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Riverside: PLC through RTI
babinm@cqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Joint School Board Math LS Creation – ETSB
loachs@edu.etsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
As Easy as Raspberry Pi
ldiner@wqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Common Formative Assessment: Using data to inform and improve our practice: Part 3
gmacdonald@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Creating Accessible Instructional Material Using a UDL Framework
hmorrison@emsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Advanced Five: Implementing Daily Five and Math 3 in a High School Setting
cgiles@wqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Création de quatre situations d’apprentissage en français langue seconde pour la FBD
igagnon@wqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Seesaw Digital Portfolios: An evaluation and learning tool
npotvin@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Academic and Career Guidance Content linking to ELA
caroline.quirion@cqsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Outreach History of Quebec and Canada Workbook
lkuhn@emsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018
Math Solutions and Strategies for All
irvingd@etsb.qc.ca PDIG 2017-2018