Professional Development and Innovation Grants

The Professional Development and Innovation Grants (PDIG) are available to public and private schools and centres in the youth, adult and vocational training sectors. Two categories of grants are available, each sharing a different focus and desired outcome.

a) The Professional Development Grants

The Professional Development grants focus on improving educational/pedagogical practice. This category supports projects initiated by teachers, library personnel, school or centre administrators and/or school board personnel, focusing on the development of pedagogical expertise and the curriculum, resulting in improved pedagogical practices.

The grant in this category is intended to provide release time for teachers/library personnel to collaborate on and participate in professional development activities relating to the Québec Education Program (QEP).

b) The Innovation Grants

The Innovation grants focus on systemic change within the school or centre. Teams are composed of teachers and school or centre administrators. Other non-teaching personnel may also be included.

Submissions will describe an innovative idea or plan designed to adapt school or centre organization to promote learning and success for all students or for a particular group of students.

Specific details describing both of these categories along with application procedures can be found at