Québec Unveils the Zero-Eight Years Old Strategy

In a recent press release, Premier Couillard, flanked by Luc Fortin (Minister of Families) and Sébastien Proulx (Minister of Education), stated:

In Quebec, 800,000 children are aged 0 to 8, representing one tenth of our population. In our eyes, there’s nothing more precious; they are our pride and our future. Our young people are our greatest collective asset. We therefore have a duty to these children to do everything we can to help them reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. We must give them equal opportunities to reach the future destinations they’ll have chosen. Together, let’s ensure that each child can grow up in a confident, prosperous and fairer Quebec that is able to provide a solid foundation on the road to success!

At the March LCEEQ meeting Anne Robitaille, Directrice Générale - Direction générale des politiques et de performance ministérielle presented an overview of the project which is part of the Policy on Educational Success launched in June 2017.  She stated that the nearly 1.4 billion dollar budget featured five actions:

  • Foster equal opportunity for all children;
  • Make sure that children up to age 8 transition smoothly from one educational setting to the next;
  • Support quality educational and pedagogical practices;
  • Enable all children to acquire essential reading, writing and mathematics skills by the end of Elementary 2
  • Support parents and foster the mobilization and cooperation of stakeholders.


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