Invitation for Applications for Researchers


Last year LCEEQ initiated a research process based on the question What Does the English-speaking Educational Community in Québec Envisage Beyond the Pandemic?  The first phase of the project identified four critical questions:

  • What mechanisms can be incorporated into the educational system to support mental health?
  • How do we enhance  the capacity to connect curriculum with the lived realities of learners?
  • How do we educate ourselves and the community at large to what success in school should look like?
  • How to recognize individual achievement beyond a percentage or letter grade?

Phase II of the project is designed to collect data on these four questions from the various stakeholders in the English-speaking Educational Community.  LCEEQ is presently inviting researchers to serve as a Primary Researcher and a Junior Researcher.  

The deadline for submissions for consideration is June 1, 2023.

Details and how to apply for the Primary Researcher can be found here – English,  Français 

Details and how to apply for the Junior Researcher can be found here - English,  Français