Student Voice Project - Details

Submit a Selfie Video and Win!

Answer the question, "Which Global Issue Touches My Life & What Can I Do About It?" in the form of an unrehearsed video and you could win a prize!


  • For Students: One of two $400 Apple Gift Cards chosen at random from the selfies we select for use as part of the LCEEQ Annual Conference.
  • For the staff member who encouraged the selected submission: a $100 gift card from Chapters/Indigo.
  • For educators (teachers/administrators/executives/professionals) who choose to submit a selfie video: One of two $100 Gift Cards chosen at random from among selected clips included in the montage for the Conference.

Deadline: EXTENDED - January 25, 2021

Send your selfie video!

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So wait, what's my submission about again?

Oh right, the important bits. Create an unrehearsed video selfie to anwer the question "Which Global Issue Touches My Life the Most and What Can I Do About It?"

Use a webcam, a smartphone, a tablet, anything that records video.

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What do you mean by unrehearsed?

Talk to the camera, smartphone…… as if you're talking to your friends, family, students or teachers. Don't rehearse too much and most of all, speak from the heart.

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What are you going to do with my submission?

We're going to take the best submissions and share them during our 2021 Annual Conference!

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Who can enter?

Everyone. Students, teachers, administrators. If you study or work in the English-speaking Educational Community in the province of Quebec, we'll take your submission!

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Criteria for submissions/entries

We're going to keep this simple, as long as it's a video that answers our question following the short list of requirements below, we'll consider it.


  • Addressing the question
  • Speaking clearly
  • Running time: videos should be no longer than 90 seconds
  • Format: all video formats accepted
  • Language spoken: English and/or French

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Rules for the Student Voice Project

We're also going to keep these as simple as possible.

  • By submitting an entry (video) you (or your team) accept these rules. If you're under 18, your submission will indicate your parents have accepted these rules as well.
  • The rules can change. In the off chance we do need to adjust something, we will let existing entrants know before it occurs.
  • Submission does not guarantee selection.
  • The prize values will be delivered in the form of Gift Cards.
  • LCEEQ retains the right to make any and all decisions on the validity of each entry. The decisions are final.
  • The final selections are exclusively at the discretion of LCEEQ.

We hope, despite having to have some rules, you're as excited to get started as we are. Now get cracking. Send your selfie!

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