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The Psychology of a Happy Life

From the beginning of time, humans have longed for a happy life.  While there are many misperceptions about happiness, where it comes from and how to live a happy life, science now informs us of the exact components of happiness both in our personal and professional lives.  

Join Dr. Marsh for this interactive and transformative session of what it means to be happy.  Learn how you change the focus of your day, build happier habits and change the way you think to live a happier life.

Watch the recording of the session here.
(access password: lceeq2024)

Wednesday May 1, 2024 at 7:00 PM (online)

Who should attend?

Teachers from pre-school, elementary, secondary, Cégep, Adult, Vocational and University sectors, as well as,  administrators, senior managers, professionals, parents, Day Care  and support staff  should attend.  In other words,  everyone in the education sector.   You are  encouraged to participate in this webinar with family members and close friends so that together you can learn ways to think more positively and be happy. 

What will you learn?

  • The definition of happiness
  • Science of happiness
  • Research findings on happiness
  • Facts and finding on happiness
  • The global pursuit of happiness
  • How to train your brain for happiness
  • How to think more positively
  • Take home message on happiness

Presentation Format

  • The one-hour webinar will be followed by a Q+A
  • Registered participants will receive a handout and have access to a recording for a limited time to review strategies learned during the presentation.

Why Dr. Gretchen Moran Marsh?


In her twenty-five plus  years as a clinical psychologist, she has seen far too many people struggle mentally because they lack basic knowledge of mental health. She is able to share scientifically proven strategies to immediately improve functioning and restore a positive mindset. Her career has been spent specializing in cultivating mental health, building healthy professional and personal relationships, and teaching strategies to decrease stress and anxiety. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and her  Masters degree and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University.