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Many educators have questions about the Moderation Process - moderating students’ class marks in courses with a Secondary IV and Secondary V  Uniform (MEQ) Examination.  LCEEQ will offer a one-hour webinar which will include a review of the process and a question-and-answer period.  Jeff Harvey member of both the Mathematics, Science and Technology Committee (MaST) and the Committee for Assessment, Reporting and Evaluation (CARE) will animate the presentation. The information applies to multiple domains and so will benefit a wide range of educators.

Formerly, each School Board had a process to address complaints.  A change in the law now has a new mechanism for handling such in the educational environment.  One reason  was to ensure that there was consistency across the different Boards/Service Centres and so the creation of the National Student Ombudsman.
AAESQ and LCEEQ will collaborate in presenting a webinar with Me Bernier at which time he will provide an explanation of the law and the processes that now exist.  His presentation, in French, will be followed by a question-and-answer period.