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This experienced based program will provide Physical and Health Education
teachers with hands on opportunities to increase their knowledge, skills,
and confidence in the development and implementation of outdoor
winter activities. The program will focus on developing the competencies
of the physical education and health program through the presentation
of learning and evaluation situations for the outdoors. Activities such as
winter survival, shelter building, site development, team building, winter
first aid, and night wandering will be vehicles used to explore pedagogical
considerations for planning, teaching and assessment in relation to
the PEH program. Interdisciplinary connections (science and nature,
Indigenous knowledge and content, connections to place and land) will be
highlighted throughout the program. Program blocks will include:
• Introduction to teaching in a cold environment
• Nordic skiing (equipment, preparation, technique instruction)
• Snowshoeing
• Winter survival


This program is targeted at both elementary and secondary teachers. An LES for Cycle 3 elementary will
be presented as well as program content ideal for a Secondary 5 leadership class. Teachers with limited
experience teaching outdoors in the winter will gain foundational skills while more experienced teachers will
be exposed to a variety of pedagogical strategies for structuring classes and learning situations outdoors in
the winter. This program will be facilitated by Gordon Oliver and Dr. Lee Schaefer.