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Too often leaders and organizations are preoccupied with projects, plans, and paperwork that they forget or even neglect the impact all this is having on the people in the organization.
The focus of the work of the leader is the people who work in the schools. The emphasis should be on the connection of people and their individual talent that grows the impact of the team. The purpose of school leadership is the discovery, development, and deployment of human talent in the team of professionals.
Now, more than ever it is vital that we maintain the focus on building collective teacher efficacy. This session will serve as a reminder of the principles, practices, and processes to support, develop and enhance the relationships that serve as the basis of creating the culture of the school.

Using your Great Power
School leadership is often called the “task of heroes”. It takes great skill and commitment to successfully lead a school. At times, it might feel that you truly need the powers of a superhero especially while leading a school through a global pandemic! Join this session to get recharged and ready to finish the year strong and to begin planning for 2021-2022. In this session, participants will consider how to stay focused and aligned with priorities. Through reflection and discussion, we will identify distractors and consider next steps in developing “non-negotiables” that guide actions of you, as leaders. Tools and resources from Leading with Intention, (Spiller and Power, Solution Tree, 2019) will be introduced.