Workshop Registration

COPRSAQ offre des ateliers et des événements pour les enseignants/enseignantes, administrateurs/administratrices, conseillers/conseillères et autres membres de la communauté éducative anglophone partout au Québec.

Veuillez choisir ci-dessous selon la liste des ateliers présentement disponibles. Ils apparaissent dans leur ordre chronologique. Vous serez invité(e) à vous connecter si ce n’est pas déjà fait.

Toutes les notes concernant des changements ou des annulations apparaîtront ici, quoique vous en serez avisé(e) directement.

Join us for this hands-on workshop day aimed at uniting educators and school leaders in preparing our students for their futures.

This workshop is sponsored by the Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec (LCEEQ).   NEW dates April 22 & 23.
Graduates of previous Leadership for School Improvement Workshops are eligible for this Graduate session. There is no registration fee for Quebec educators. Costs for travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the School Board or the school. There are substantial subsidies available for Boards/Associations. For details on how it applies to residential projects, please see the LCEEQ Cost Sharing Policy

There have been very significant changes to admissions and course requirements in the English CEGEP Network as a direct result of Law 14/ Bill 96. 

To alleviate some of the tension, AAESQ and LCEEQ will collaborate in presenting an hour-long information webinar on this very important topic.

April 29, 2024 at 1:30 PM

From the beginning of time, humans have longed for a happy life.  While there are many misperceptions about happiness, where it comes from and how to live a happy life, science now informs us of the exact components of happiness both in our personal and professional lives.

Join Dr. Marsh for this interactive and transformative session of what it means to be happy. May 1, 2024 at 7:00 PM.

The workshop on Solution-Focused Therapy will provide an overview of the approach, including its key principles, techniques, and applications. Participants will learn how to identify and focus on clients' goals, strengths, and resources, as well as how to use language and questioning to promote positive change. 
Open to the 9 English School Boards.

Welcome to the AAESQ/QESBA registration for Spring Conference 2024: ´Stronger Together’.  This year’s event is hosted by the Eastern Townships School Board at Chateau Bromont from May 8-10.  

For more details, please visit the Spring Conference website.