Principal as Pedagogical Leader - Year 2

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Project Year: 
Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
Contact Person: 
Megan Webster
Contact Title: 
Professional Development Consultant

Principal as Pedagogical Leader - Year 2

Through a project developed by the Principal Leadership Team of Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, partially funded by the LCEEQ and supported by a professional development consultant, Megan Webster, these presentations are focused on developing the capacity of pedagogical leaders.

The primary goal of our three year PD series is to build a collaborative relationship with our teachers and support their professional growth.  By using video footage of our own teachers we have learned about instruction that has a high impact on learning, and how to provide quality feedback through coaching.

Megan Webter can be reached at (please type this in your email application, and don't forget to replace the '@'): megan.elizabeth.webster [at]


Please note: All documents are provided by SWLSB as-is and LCEEQ makes no guarantee on their safety and/or reliability. We highly recommend scanning. Microsoft Office documents before use.

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