LCEEQ Annual Seminar 2018


In keeping with its Rules of Operation, each year the LCEEQ Committee convenes the Annual Seminar, a time to reflect on how the Strategic Plan (currently 2016-2020) is being addressed, an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the previous twelve months, and the occasion to give direction to the Steering Committee to begin planning for the coming year.

Ainsley Rose, former Director of Educational Services for the Western Quebec School Board and an international presenter on a variety of educational topics, animated the interactive workshop.  Kate Le Maitre, Chair of the Advisory Board on English Education (ABEE), joined in as one of LCEEQ’s partners in the English-speaking Educational Community.

In an activity designed to help members to get to know one another even better, participants in small groups completed a short “collective efficacy” inventory.  The data reflected the six hundred eighty-four years of experience in education in the room.  All grade levels from pre-school through University have been taught.  Members hold a wide range of certificates and diplomas representing specialized fields, (e.g. Certificate in Educational Technology) in addition to Baccalaureate, Master’s and Doctoral degrees earned.  One of our members, Jessica Saada, who represents that Riverside School Board was awarded her PhD a few weeks previous.  Members have served in more than 132 different schools, Cegeps, and Universities, and in all School Boards in Quebec.  Some have experience in educational institutions outside of the province.   

When asked to identify what skills each individual brought to the discussion table there was a wide range of responses.  The most frequent included:  collaboration, leadership, community involvement, resilience, perseverance, knowledge, diverse experiences, creativity, problem solving, a combination of practice and research, inclusion, commitment, organization, system thinker, and compassion.  All expressed an interest in serving the English-speaking Educational Community.

The Seminar included a SOAR activity which is built around four critical elements: Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results.  Once again small groups were formed to address specific questions in order to identify important topics, strategies, and potential outcomes as the Committee moves forward.  The results of the deliberations provided the Steering Committee with a direction as it outlines the activities for the next year.

The day ended with some LCEEQ business including a report by Elizabeth Therrien Scanlan, Chair of the Professional Development Subcommittee (PDSC).  She reported to the larger Committee on the different PD projects that had occurred throughout the year.  Given that the deadline for applications for the annual Professional Development Innovative Grants (PDIG) was earlier in the week, there was great interest in this timely topic.