PDIG Final Reports

All individuals and school teams who receive grants or scholarships provided by the LCEEQ are required to submit a record of their experience or accomplishment. These project reports and summaries not only document what has been achieved in each of the programs sponsored by the LCEEQ but also provide an opportunity for sharing knowledge and resources within the English educational community.

Clicking on the title of the projects listed below will call up a report which features a brief description of the project and provides contact information should you wish to inquire further.

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Année: Tout | 2021-2022 | 2020-2021 | 2019-2020 | 2018-2019 | 2017-2018

Project Title (Click to view Final Report) Project Contact Year
Apprendre via la littérature jeunesse!
mcbergeron@emsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Unit-Based Situational Problems
jgore@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Reimagining Assessment in CST Mathematics with Projects and Technology
cwebb02@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Oral Language Development: At School and at Home - It's Everywhere!
kecrowdis@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Online Self-Assessment Tool for Students
jgore@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Development of Topic-Specific Diagnostic Tools
jgore@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Leaping into Literacy
jgaron@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
cbrown16@lbpsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Student Centered Curriculum Development
vrayner@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Simulation-based lesson planning for Health Care programs
kryan@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
From Doing to Thinking in Mathematics
rdrapeau@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Orientation for Adult Education
cjacobs@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Indigenous Narratives in History
cjacobs@nfsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Cracking the Reading Code
nguay@swlauriersb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Teachers Helping Teachers
lnyberg@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Cooperative classroom conversations
nniunka@lbpearson.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Observer: une démarche à découvrir!
amalenfant@emsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Activités d'apprentissage autonomes pour centres de littératie au cycle 1
sjean@emsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Year 2 Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching High School at RSB
cmartin@rsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022
Digital Reader and Writer Notebooks
mccullys@edu.etsb.qc.ca PDIG 2021-2022