Leadership For School Improvement Report (2016)

LCEEQ has been offering intensive leadership training sessions for administrators and those aspiring to the position for several years. The six-day training is generally offered three days in April and the balance in August, just before the reopening of schools for the new academic year.  Each annual programme is different, incorporating the latest research in the field.  Participants who have completed the six-day programme are affectionately known as “Graduates” and are invited back each subsequent year to take advantage of the presenters that are new to the programme thus giving everyone an opportunity to hone their leadership skills.

Ainsley Rose, a retiree with forty-three years of experience in education, facilitates the programme and makes the connections to the Quebec context for invited experts in educational leadership from Canada and the United States.  With experience as an elementary and secondary classroom teacher and principal, a school board administrator, as well as, an instructor of graduate-level courses for administrators and pre-service teachers, Ainsley shares perspectives that resonate with all educators. 


The April 2016 session took place at the Auberge des Gallant in Ste. Marthe, a short distance from Rigaud.  Twenty-four new registrants completed the first three days and were joined as of the second day by twenty-two Graduates. The programme offers a topic each day:

Day One The Mystery of Influence
Ainsley Rose addressed some of the practices leaders need to embrace and the practical applications required to lead educational organizations.

Day Two  Collaborative Teacher Inquiry: An Approach for School and System Improvement
Jenni Donohoo, Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch of the Ministry of Education in Ontario, gave strategies to facilitate teacher teams through a collaborative inquiry cycle in which the link between the actions of educators and student outcomes are examined and reflected upon.  Participants examined what “PLC work” is and how it impacts organizational learning.

Day Three Weeding the Garden for Deep Implementation
Lissa Pijanowski. Founder / Chief Learning Officer of Innovate 2 Educate supports leaders in creating compelling learning environments that reflect high expectations, promote student engagement, and produce results.  Participants learned about the focus and direction that is needed for continuous improvement and consider ways to “weed the garden” to ensure deep implementation of effective practices.


What did the participants say about the first three days?

Ainsley – was very inspirational, down to earth and his experiences speak so clearly to our realities.  Jenni- left me with concrete, strong ideas that I will incorporate into my PD planning for next year.  Feeling her suggestions will excite my staff – empower them!  Lissa – dynamic, motivational – provided many useful ideas to take back to my staff.

Ainsley reaffirmed my vocation as an educator/leader.  Jenni offered new info and perspective.  Lissa’s joie de vivre is contagious – her activities are definitely doable in my school setting.

The strength of the program is in building relationships and the importance it has in better understanding people, their strengths and weaknesses, personal goals they have, and leading them towards growth within their comfort zone in a safe environment.   We were able to learn from each other!  Creating a personal mission statement.

The presenters, the structure and the networking, I have taken in so much valuable information and I can’t wait to get back to my school.  I also have to mention the incredible venue and the amazing food!

Cutting-edge ideas explained in an easy to grasp manner.  Ideas presented to make us think.  Can easily be extrapolated, transferred to my working environment.

Excellent speakers.  Material presented was current and “real”.  There were lots of “take away”.  There was opportunity to share ideas as a whole group as well as with smaller ones.  This kept my attention focused.  Participants were able to share actual examples from work and discuss ways to move forward.  This was due to Ainsley’s ability to create a safe environment.  That was a stated objective and he was successful in providing one.

Share. Think. Reflect. Growth!

We now look forward to the August sessions which will focus on:  Facing The Immunity To Change, Having Hard Conversation, and the Heart of Leadership


Unfortunately, registration is closed for this year. We hope that we can continue the project in the 2016-2017 academic year. 

Check the Leadership page for some video and more information.