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May 25th, 2015

The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 005 - The Late May 2015 Edition

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Money for your education projects

LCEEQ Resource Grants & Teacher/Administrator Scholarships

4th Year Practicum:

Collaborative Project on Student-Teacher Assessment

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June 3rd, 2015

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June 10th, 2015

June 11th& 12th, 2015

The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 005 - The Late May 2015 Edition

LCEEQ Resource Grants & Teacher/Administrator Scholarships


The funding application process for two LCEEQ projects has begun. The John Killingbeck Teacher Administrator Scholarship is an opportunity for school teams to visit other sites to see best practices in action. These funds are distributed to School Boards and Associations who in turn determine how the funds are allotted internally. The Resources Development Project is an opportunity for LCEEQ affiliate members to receive funds to support the development resource prototypes. The deadline for application is June 15, 2015.

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Our montly Winner!

What does the emergence of a teacher competency look like? A collaborative venture undertaken by Bishop's University School of Education and Associate Teachers from the ETSB, partially funded by LCEEQ, has resulted in a detailed behaviour oriented teacher competency rubric.

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