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March 2017

The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 026 - The PDIG Launch Edition

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LCEEQ Project Funding 2017-2018 now in progress...

Summer Math Institute

Elementary Mathematics project enters its third year

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March 29, 2017

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The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 026 - The PDIG Launch Edition

PDIG 2017

LCEEQ provides funding each year to support professional development and innovative projects. The information for the coming school year is now available online. It is important to note that the well-known Professional Development and Innovation Grants (PDIG) will be managed by the LCEEQ Professional Development Subcommittee (PDSC). You are encouraged to read the information document carefully as there are some changes in the procedure. Given that there is an opportunity for a second round of applications depending on the availability of funds, it is important that applicants respect the established deadline. The online application process is now open.

The John Killingbeck Teacher/Administrator Scholarship Program will be available once again to teachers and administrators in the English sector, working in the youth, the adult, and the technical and vocational sectors. These grants are intended to permit school teams to visit other jurisdictions to view first-hand best practices in operation. Each School Board and Private School Association is entitled to an amount of money for distribution depending on local needs and interests. School teams should begin making their plans now. The online application process for the Killingbeck Grants will open shortly.

For more information and to read the Project Funding Information Guide.

Intensive Elementary Mathematics Project Enters Its Third Year


In the Summer of 2015 a four-day residential Mathematics Pilot Project for Elementary Teachers was conducted. More than one hundred teachers from across the province who participated in this event were affectionately known as “Cohort One”. The pilot proved to be very successful resulting in a three-year intensive plan. Seventy-five of the original participants registered for a second year, while twice that number of teachers (Cohort Two) started the same process in August 2016. The third year of the plan will be held at Manoir St. Sauveur in August 2017. Cohort One will be in their final leg of the journey while a new group of roughly one-hundred twenty teachers will be starting out. The Organizing Committee is looking forward to the middle of the first week in August when all three Cohorts will be on site and involved in professional development training.

School Boards and the Private School Associations have committed to this project by providing ongoing support and training sessions during the regular school year. If you are interested in knowing more about this project, or joining Cohort Three that will be starting off this summer, please contact your Mathematics Consultant without delay as the number of places are limited.

Click here for more info.

Our February Winner

Monthly Winner

Our latest winner, chosen at random for logging into her LCEEQ account, is Miranda Serrecchia, who states, "I am currently in my 3rd year as Vice-Principal at Laurier Macdonald High School for the EMSB, a position I acquired after attending a session of the LCEEQ Leadership for School Improvement Workshop.” She is driven by her passion for education and working with youth. What she loves most about her job is being a part of a great team and that every day is an adventure.

Miranda received a one-hundred-dollar gift card from Bureau en Gros. Follow her example by logging into your LCEEQ account and you could be the March 2017 winner.

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