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The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 032 - The November Edition

the Elementary Math Focus Project

LCEEQ Members Learn About It Firsthand

Members look at EMF

The Elementary Math Focus Project was initiated in August 2015 and since that date more than three hundred fifty Elementary Math teachers and Consultants have participated. The objective is to provide teachers with a better understanding of Mathematical concepts that provide younger learners with a strong basis to understand Math throughout their schooling.

At the November meeting, members at the LCEEQ table had a hands-on session to better understand what teachers are experiencing as part of this intensive training. Three members of the EMF Organizing Committee: Cheryl Cantin, Math Consultant at the Eastern Townships School Board, Lisa Lorenzetti, a teacher at the Study who is also supporting teachers at both QAIS and AJDS, and Franca Redivo, a member of Direction des services à la communauté anglophone (DSCA) at the Ministry, gave a demonstration lesson. Some of the members had to shake a little rust off since it had been some time since they were involved in a Math lesson, but the experience was most worthwhile.

It was also announced that the project will be expanded to introduce a Fourth Cohort of teachers in Summer 2018 including a Secondary School Pilot group.

For more information about EMF, click here. The Report for 2017 can be found here.

LCEEQ Submits a Brief to the Ministry of Education

LCEEQ-Annual Seminar

As part of the Policy on Educational Success launched during the summer, Minister Proulx introduced the notion of a Provincial Institute for Excellence in Education. As part of the consultation process, the working group has invited interested parties to submit feedback on the objectives and structure of the proposed Institute.

For further information about the consultation click here.

To read LCEEQ’s Brief click here.

Providing Resources in the Adult Vocational Sector

LCEEQ-Annual Seminar

The English, Language of Instruction Program of Study is intended for adult learners to deal with everyday real-life situations. However, there are not many learning materials available that contain tasks, questions and challenges that lead adult learners to analyse, evaluate and practice purposeful language. Three teachers at ACCESS Adult Education Centre in the Riverside School Board; Yusimy Dominguez Travieso, Lindsay Harrar, and Farideh Raygani were highly motivated to create authentic learning situations to support students build essential knowledge and learning strategies.

This project was closely related to several components of the LCEEQ mandate and Strategic Plan 2016-2020. On behalf of her colleagues, Farideh Raygani’s proposal to create learning situations for the English Language of Instruction Program of Study was approved through the Resources Development Project. Soon after starting the project, the trio realized that creating a learning situation is extremely time consuming. They were determined to stay focused on the process and goal. As a result, they created five learning situations.

This project provided the opportunity for the three teachers to collaborate closely and had a direct impact on their practice. At the same time the adult learners experienced practical, rich and varied learning situations that in turn contributed to their success.

The documents created are available for all interested teachers to examine and use to support the English, Language of Instruction programme. Farideh would be available to address any specific questions you may have about the materials.

Click here to see the Learning Situations that were created.

Our October WINNER

Monthly Winner

Andrew Walker is a Physical Education teacher at Rosemere High School, for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys reading, yoga and travelling. As the LCEEQ prize winner for the month of October, he received a one-hundred-dollar gift certificate from Indigo/Chapters.

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