The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 043 - The Autumn Edition


LCEEQ Newsletter

November 2018

The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 043 - The Autumn Edition

In this issue:

Elementary Math Focus

Another Successful Summer

Fostering Partnerships

Within the English Educational Community

Our Monthly Winner

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The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 043 - The Autumn Edition

Math Teachers Continue to Support the Conceptual Mathematics Initiative

Elementary Math Focus

Natalie Frizzle (left), Constance Gareau (centre), Melissa Russell (right)

In Summer 2015 LCEEQ sponsored a pilot project which formed the basis for the Elementary Math Focus Project. The project focused on teaching Math concepts during an intensive four-day Summer Institute. The initial participants were then supported throughout the school year as they implemented newly acquired strategies. The pilot proved so successful that a three-year professional development plan was implemented by which teachers participated over three summers and were involved in professional development sessions during the school year by their local Consultants.

The first two Cohorts of teachers who have now completed the three-year cycle form an ever-growing graduate pool numbering over two hundred teachers and Consultants. Two other Cohorts of teachers accompanied by some principals, an additional two hundred twenty-five participants, are now in the process. In Summer 2018 the project was expanded to include a pilot group of Grade 8-9 Secondary teachers.

In September, all the attendees in Summer 2018 were invited to complete an online survey of their experience. The response was most encouraging as more than seventy percent of Cohort Two , seventy-nine percent of Cohort Three, and seventy percent of Cohort Four completed the electronic questionnaire. As a small incentive, those who wished to identify their replies were eligible to win a fifty-dollar gift certificate. The lucky winners, drawn at random, were Natalie Frizzle (Cohort 2 - Eastern Townships School Board), Constance Gareau (Cohort 3 – Lester B. Pearson School Board), and Melissa Russell (Cohort 4, - Western Quebec School Board).

The Organizing Committee is very grateful for the rich feedback which will be most helpful as the project moves forward. We wish all teachers and principals well as they implement the strategies in their schools and we look forward to Summer 2019.

Fostering Partnerships Within the English Educational Community


At its first meeting of the year held in September at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, LCEEQ invited Mr William Floch, of the recently formed Secretariat for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers under the direction of Minister Kathleen Weil, Ministre responsable des Relations avec les Québécois de langue anglaise prior to the election.

He reported on five aspects of the Secretariat’s mandate:

  • Ensure liaisons with sectoral, regional and provincial groups that represent English speaking Quebecers;
  • Make available relevant statistics to document issues facing English-speaking Quebecers;
  • Advise the government, ministries and bodies on relations with English-speaking Quebecers regarding the provision of services and issues;
  • Ensure that the concerns of English-speaking Quebecers are taken into consideration in the development of government policy direction and decisions;
  • Interact with the federal government and other ministries on issues, agreements, programs or policies that may have a direct or indirect impact on English-speaking Quebecers.

Mr. Floch stated that he is glad that LCEEQ, which represents all levels of education in the province, exists and he is looking forward to working with its members. To this end, he agreed to participate in the LCEEQ Steering Committee meeting on November 2, 2018 to discuss in greater detail how the two groups can work collaboratively. LCEEQ looks forward to nurturing this relationship.

Our September Winner

Monthly Winner

Steve Greig, a Special Education Consultant for the Western Quebec School Board, is the LCEEQ prize winner for September. Part of his responsibility includes providing support for the Work-Oriented Training Path (WOTP) at the Secondary level and the Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC) in both Elementary and Secondary.

What does Steve do when not at work? He responds, “I spend most of my time shuttling my son and daughter to sports and other events, but I am a woodworker and if I had free time, I would spend it working with wood (furniture, etc.). I have spent a fair amount of time personalizing my house with renovations over the years (a never-ending job). I enjoy the outdoors and I still get an opportunity to work with high school students in a few Outdoor Education settings”.

Steve received a one-hundred-dollar gift certificate from Bureau en Gros. What did he do to win this prize, you ask? He simply logged into his LCEEQ account to get the latest information. You could be a winner by doing the same! You don’t have an account, you say. Then visit and sign up today.

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