LCEEQ Newsletter

November 2018

The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 044 - The Annual Conference

LCEEQ Launches its 10th Anniversary Annual Conference

Registration is open!

Members look at EMF

LCEEQ has adopted wellness in education, for students and professionals alike as a key area of focus for the academic year. This is clearly reflected in the theme of the Annual Conference, an event that brings more than seven hundred members of the English Educational Community together annually to celebrate our accomplishments, to grow professionally together, and to network. Well-Being – Being Well has attracted a lot of interest in our milieu and many are looking forward to the February Conference.

Each Board and Association represented at the LCEEQ table has a designated number of places at the Conference, so if you are interested in attending you must contact your Board/Association for authorization. Generally, it is the Pedagogical/Educational Services Department that can provide you access. Do not delay as the spaces will fill up very quickly.

To view details about the 2019 LCEEQ Annual Conference visit our dedicated conference site here.

Hear what our Keynote Speakers have to say

Members look at EMF

Learn more about Dr. Jean Clinton and Dr. Michael Ungar here and watch their teaser videos.

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