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January 2019

The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 046 - The It's Cold Outside Edition

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Learning More About the Ministry Digital Action Plan in Theory and Hands-on Practice

LCEEQ Supports Professional Development Sessions

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The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 046 - The It's Cold Outside Edition

Learning More About the Ministry Digital Action Plan in Theory and Hands-on Practice


To better understand the Ministry ‘s recently released technology integration proposal in both the youth and higher education sectors, at its January meeting the LCEEQ welcomed two members of the team developing and charged with implementing the five-year plan. Joëlle Bernard, Directrice du bureau de la mise en œuvre du plan d’action numérique, was assisted by Guillaume Laforce in presenting the philosophy, the goals and expectations, the timeline, and information about support to the network. LCEEQ members had the opportunity to consider the implications for the English-speaking sector, to share some of the developments already evident within our institutions and to seek clarification related to funding.

Following the presentation, members circulated among a number of different stations set up by members of the Récit team to try out for themselves some of the activities already being offered in our schools.

For more information about the Ministry plan click here :

LCEEQ Supports Professional Development Sessions - Big and Small

professional development

Many individuals in the English-speaking Educational Community have participated in professional development events held during LCEEQ’s ten-year history. Those who have taken advantage of these opportunities have recognized that they are quality offerings at little cost. Just around the corner is the Annual LCEEQ Conference, Well Being – Being Well with more than eight hundred registrants eager to join colleagues from across the province to learn about and reflect on a variety of issues related to their daily responsibilities..

At the same time LCEEQ has launched two other professional development activities that have proven to be very successful over the years: Leadership for School Improvement and the Writer’s Workshop featuring Linda Rief.

The Leadership Workshop is intended for practicing Principals and Vice-Principals who see themselves as life-long learners and wish to further nurture their careers. It is a lifeline for recently appointed administrators as it provides practical strategies for the daily challenges within a support network. It is also a fine opportunity for teachers and professionals who are considering educational administration as part of a long-term career path. The six-day package, (three days in April and three in August) offers a wide range of topics and the opportunity to be part of an effective learning community.

Space is limited. Click here to hear why this workshop is appropriate for you, to see a detailed programme and access to registration.

Linda Rief is a writer, a published author, but most importantly, a Grade Eight English teacher who has so much to offer those who are charged with the responsibility of helping students, young and old, develop as writers. As one participant last summer stated; “This was my first workshop where I felt included, involved, and where I’ve retained useful information to carry with me in my career but also in life”. The Writer’s Workshop featuring Linda Rief is the perfect opportunity to learn more about oneself by being immersed in the writing process in a very supportive and nurturing environment and walking away with practical strategies to promote the same in your students or teachers that you are supporting.

Space is limited. Click here to listen to Linda talk about the programme, read the details and access registration.

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Rosemary Vaupshas teaches Mathematics in Secondary 1, 2, 4, and 5 at the Sacred Heart School of Montreal, a member of the Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS). She is a graduate of the LCEEQ Math Focus Project.

Rosemary loves the outdoors. Her favorite activities are: skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, biking, running, kayaking and golfing. She also enjoys a bit of sailing from time to time. She hopes that winning a prize at random at this time is an omen of good things ahead in 2019!

Rosemary will be able to use her one-hundred-dollar gift card from Chapters Indigo which she won just by logging into her LCEEQ account in December 2018. In the new year, resolve to visit your LCEEQ account frequently and maybe you, too, will be the lucky winner chosen at random at the end of January or in the months to come.

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