LCEEQ Newsletter

June 28, 2023

The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 099 - The It's Summer Edition

In this issue:

A Little Time ... Just for You

Wishing you a wonderful summer

LCEEQ Responds to Minister Drainville

A written response to Bill 23

May Website Winner

All it takes is logging in

The LCEEQ Newsletter - Issue 099 - The It's Summer Edition

A Little Time...Just for You


Over the last few weeks many have said that the year seemed to go very quickly while others felt it dragged on forever. Despite these differences, all agree that it is time for a well-deserved break. Summer vacation is a time for you to do those things which reenergize you and give you joy, the things that you have so little time to do during your busy work schedule. Whether you have plans for travel across the country, across the world, or just some precious time to yourself, make the most of it. An important part of well-being is taking care of yourself.

This is the final edition of the Newsletter for the current year. Although the team will be taking a respite as well, we are always looking for ideas as to how to better serve our readers, so if you have suggestions over the summer months, please pass them along.
Happy Summer!

LCEEQ Responds to Minister Drainville


Bill 23, An Act to amend mainly the Education Act and to enact the Act respecting the Institut national d’excellence en éducation was introduced by the Minister of Education in the early Spring. Although the LCEEQ was not invited to the public hearings, the Committee met to prepare a written response which outlines the concerns of the English-speaking Educational Community.
You are encouraged to read the brief which is available in both English and Français

May Winner


Nadia Anwar is the principal of Laurentian Regional High School for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. She has held that position for four years. She proudly states, "It is a great pleasure and a true honor to work with this community. I have been working with the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board for 17 years. Looking forward to continuing working with students for many years."

Nadia received a one-hundred-dollar gift certificate from Chapters to add to her summer reading pleasure. You, too, can win by simply logging into your LCEEQ account on a regular basis. Winners are chosen at random so the more frequently you log in each month the better your chances.